Downtown Historic McKinney Outing

We recently took a trip through the streets of downtown historic McKinney. We enjoyed a day filled with the history of this once quaint DFW community. There was so much to see and enjoy on this trip. The history of McKinney, one of the oldest towns in North Texas, dating back over 150 years to 1841. In 1850 the population of Collin County was 1,950. By the turn of the century, it had topped 50,000, while in (2008) nearly 750,000 people call the county home. Land value has increased proportionally, as well the taxable value per acre. In 1849, it was a mere 68 cents and by 1872 it was up to $5.75 an acre. In 1923 that number had jumped to $25-50 an acre. That was the time to live! Stay tuned for other exciting adventures for us here at Parkview in Frisco.

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