Frisco Fetes Short Story Author E. Don Mason

Long before Don Mason became a short story writer in Frisco, Texas, he grew up Emmett Donald Mason in the bluegrass hills of Kentucky. His next chapter with the United States Air Force took him to 50 countries in 22 years. The training he received helped mold his character and integrity and taught him skills in communication, leadership and management. He later applied those skills as an entrepreneurial business owner in Austin. Today, as a thriving retiree and Kentucky Colonel, this devoted husband and grandfather is putting those skills to work in a whole new way.

As Don explains, he always loved to write but never had the time to explore his passion for it until he and his wife, Jean, moved to Parkview in Frisco two years ago. That’s when, relishing his newly minted free time, he began to dabble in short story writing, setting each piece of fiction in his beloved home state of Kentucky.

Each time Don finished a new story, he would make copies and distribute it around the community for his neighbors to read and each time his new fans would beg for more. Mason recently celebrated his second anniversary at Parkview with the completion of his 22nd short story. That story, along with two others, has now been published into an anthology entitled, “A Trio of Mysteries.”

Speaking last week at his first book signing, in between funny stories about his home state of Kentucky, Mason offered sage advice about how to reinvent oneself in retirement.

“Dream a dream and then do it,” Mason encouraged the audience. “Being a resident at Parkview doesn’t mean that your life as you know it is over. It means you have more time and opportunities to pursue new friends and satisfying experiences in your new found home. Please, enjoy your new life, use your time wisely, and do so at your own pace. It’s a new day at Parkview.”

“It’s so rewarding to have a front row seat to all the cool things our residents do. They inspire me every day,” said Jackie Johnson, Sales Director.


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