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Mother & Daughter’s Tea / Fashion Show

We honor our mothers for many reasons, for being a beautiful inspiration in our lives and much more. We invited the daughters to celebrate with their mothers and enjoy a delicious luncheon featuring our residents vintage tea cups. We topped it off with residents modeling the Chico’s Clothing Line. What’s new in fashion? What’s hot off the press? Take a look and see!

A mother looks back fondly on raising her child and she wants that child to know it was always a privilege to be a mom.

We honored our mothers with a special poem titled “A Bouquet of Thoughts for My Mother” written by our Administrative Assistant/Concierge, Diane Mabeley.

A Bouquet of Thoughts for My Mother
You were the first to have my heart- Caring for me from the start; Like a gardener, planting seeds then watering well and pulling weeds. You must have had a special plan, Of how the flowers would one day stand; Each year adding something new – For as I changed, the garden grew; Every morning, kissed by dew. You cared for me through autumn’s rain, Humming low a sweet refrain. You covered me through winter’s chill, Reviving me when things went ill.  In spring you welcomed every bloom, Then tilled the ground to make more room.  In summer, you watered with extra care- And stayed the scorching sun’s despair. As time’s gone by, you’ve done your part- Shaping the garden of my heart.  Happy Mother’s Day!

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