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New Year’s Eve at Parkview

New Year’s Eve was a night to remember by all in both our Independent & Assisted Living communities. It was one incredible night of celebration dazzled with a touch elegance. The last party of the year was celebrated in style. Many celebrated with hats, horns, cool glasses and blowing bubbles in the air. We danced with entertainers Steve Summers and Tony Passacantando as they sung the night away! We enjoyed one of our very own, Jeff Evans singing “If You Happen To See The Most Beautiful Girl In The World”. It was pure family fun. We raised our glasses of Sparkling Cider or Champagne and joined in for a toast with our Parkview family and friends. New Years’ resolutions were made, but the memories of 2016 will not be forgotten as we embrace the newness of 2017. HAPPY NEW YEAR’S EVERYONE!

New Year’s Eve Celebration

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