Profound Messages Through Resident Show and Share Time

Each resident has a story and that story is filled with an abundance of wisdom, fond memories, special people, and events. Residents of The Inn participated in a meaningful time where they brought something special to share with their neighbors. They spoke about what it was, why it was special, where it had come from or who had made it, or who that special person was in the picture. Each presentation was wonderful, but one stood out in particular because of its profound message. Judd Jones invited us into his past with the wise words from his mother that have stayed with him over his lifetime. The message is portrayed through a needle point creation that his wife had made of a lion holding a lamb. Its statement is that, regardless of personality type, we should all be able to work together with respect for one another, working through our differences in a healthy way. Judd’s story opened up a little window for us to see a glimpse of what type of thinking has formed the man that he is. He is a kind neighbor to every resident of The Inn and stories like this help us to see why.

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