Sea Life Aquarium and Rain Forest Cafe Outing

One of the best things in life is experiencing something out of the ordinary, something beautiful and fascinating, something that ultimately brings us joy. Residents of the Inn had a terrific time gazing beyond glass barriers and into the clear waters that are home to a wide variety of sea life. As we made our way through the aquarium, we saw just about every color of the spectrum displayed in each fish, sea horse, and sea anemone. Kate was especially fascinated by the glowing jellyfish, as they whimsically twirled about in the water. The aquarium offered a unique experience where visitors could walk through a tunnel that gave the illusion of being underwater with all of the sea creatures. Betty was in awe as she stopped to curiously inspect the stingrays and sharks swimming right before her eyes!

Following our exciting aquatic tour, we enjoyed an amazing lunch filled with the sights and sounds of a tropical rain forest. The fun, lively atmosphere made us feel like we were in the heart of a land filled with monkeys, elephants, and toucans all communicating with each other as we enjoyed our food.

We can all agree that we had a fin-tastic time admiring the majestic beauty throughout the aquarium… the proof is in the pictures!

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