Speed Mentoring Exceeds Expectations

This past Saturday, we kicked off a new Watermark University class at Parkview’s Town Center and the outcome exceeded the expectations of both the residents and students from Reedy High School in Frisco. Prior to the class, a combination of male and female residents were given questions concerning advice for high school students regarding their future both academically and interpersonally. Once Saturday was here, the residents came prepared to speak to the students and the setting turned into a room filled with wisdom and laughter. A timer was set for ten minutes and the students had that time to ask their own questions as well as hear answers to the previously given questions. The stories and advice from the residents began to pour out and the scene was just outstanding! Once the timer went off, the students switched tables and met with a different resident until we had reached the hour mark. At the conclusion of the event, several of the students shared that they had no idea how valuable the time together was going to be. They said that they learned something so different from each resident that was profound for where they are currently at in this stage of life. The residents absolutely loved it as well. With each conversation, we were blown away by the excellence in leadership that our residents offered to these students in such a short amount of time.

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