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The Parkview Patriot’s “High Fives” are Soaring

At Parkview, we create and celebrate success with our “HIGH FIVE” Peer Recognition & On-the-Spot Rewards Program. Rewards or recognition are offered in exchange for work performance. We encourage peers to show appreciation to one to another by simply filling out the a high five slip and posting it on the board. The associate chosen wins a prize from Trudy’s Treasure Box and their names are added to a drawing for a chance to win a gift certificate at the Employee’s Town Hall. This month we had five associates in the drawing. The HIGH FIVE winner for the month will also have their picture taken and placed on the Wall of Fame.

July’s Wall of Fame winner was Christianne Martineau! Our evening concierge called Christianne on a Saturday night about 9:30pm to help one of our residents get into her home after misplacing her keys. The resident was so grateful, she reported the good deed to our Executive Director out of appreciation. Christianne, we salute you with a HIGH FIVE! It’s well deserved for going above and beyond the call of duty.

At Parkview, we’re creating extraordinary communities where people thrive!

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