Thrive Dining™ VIP Brunch

Parkview in Frisco is excited to be hosting Watermark’s Summer National Training for Thrive Dining™, with representatives attending from communities in Michigan, Denver, Oklahoma, and Chicago, together with our own Parkview team. Thrive Dining™ involves providing fresh, tasty protein packed meals, served as bite-sized hors d’oeuvres intended to be eaten by hand…transforming meal time into an extraordinary, enjoyable experience for those who may have neuromuscular, cognitive, or chewing challenges during regular dining activities.

As part of the summer training session, we hosted a VIP brunch on Saturday for prospective residents as well as current Independent Living residents. The unique Thrive Dining™ experience began by serving warm hand towels and a delicious sample of sorbet to awaken the senses and prepare residents for the main course. Next, the delicious meal featured omelets, grits, shrimp scampi, barbeque, chef and cobb salads as well as fresh fruit. This special event was hosted by the two innovative originators of this style of dining, Chef Stone and Chef Sarah of Grind Dining. Our guests gave us rave reviews!

We have two special Thrive Dining™ events coming up in August, one for professionals in the community (August 11th) and the other for prospective residents and their families (August 25th). Please RSVP to 1-972-439-1326 if you’d like to experience this latest component of Parkview’s commitment to creating extraordinary communities where people thrive.

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