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Watermark University French 102 Class Graduation

Parkview in Frisco has created a wonderful platform for associates, residents, family members, friends and vendors to share their passion or knowledge with others. Watermark University inspires and motivates people to learn. Christianne Martineau, our Community Life Assistant, was born in Fraipont, on the border of France and Belgium. She has taught our residents French 101 and 102. Here at Parkview, Christianne has created an atmosphere where we learn and grow together. She has taught her students how to read and speak the French language. After completing the course, the students were recognized in front of the residents Town Hall and presented with a certificate of completion and given a gift of French books with a journal. After surprising her class, she was given a gift of appreciation for an awesome job well done! We celebrate everyone’s success.

Parkview is committed to creating a community where people thrive. You’re invited to stop by and learn a new language. Christianne will start French 101 in 2017 and she would love for you to join her. We want to give you a head start, below are a few fun facts and words to get you started.

Facts About French:
About a third to a half of basic English words come from the French language. The number of French speakers has tripled since 1945 largely since most former French and Belgian colonies kept French as their language of government, education and science after decolonization. Also between 6 and 11 million Americans speak French. Come on, give it a try!

English                   French                                         Pronunciation
Yes/No                    Oui/Non                                        wee/nong

Please                     S’il vous plait                                seel voo play

Thank you               Merci (madame/monsieur)           mair-see (mah-dahm/mer-syer)

You’re welcome      Il n’y a pas de quoi                        eel nyah pah der kwah



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