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Wisdom & Youth “Creative Minds Together”

Creative Minds Together is an Intergenerational Creative Art Program which engages the younger generation with the older generation on every care level. It’s designed to build relationships that benefit both the individuals and the community. Here at Parkview in Frisco, Creative Minds Together offers everyone involved the opportunity to teach and share their talents with each other. It’s a project that has mutual benefits which help us learn and grow while enjoying the beauty of art.

Our Assisted Living residents helped design some of the art canvases for the block painting and assembles gift bags for our guests. Both Town Center and The Inn residents were invited to join in this Intergenerational Art Project. We were so grateful to have resident Helen Lee’s granddaughter’s Girl Scout Troop, as well as our Business Office Manager, Rhonda Luker (better known as Nana), with her grandsons, and our New Sales Specialist Vikki Goodman’s grandchildren and friend to join us as our special guests for the event. This special artwork will be donated to the Watermark for Kids Fundraiser. Watermark for Kids is a non-profit organization that provide opportunities for underserved children to thrive. Each piece of art were entered into our silent auction on Casino Night, November 19th from 6:00pm to 9:00pm in our Assisted Living neighborhood. This is the heart of our community!

There’s no barriers, no rules, just a moment in time filled with caring, sharing, fun and creativity.




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